What happens to Republicans post-Trump?

To my Trump-supporting conservative friends: Donald Trump is toast. That’s a reality you need to get used to. You might be able to forgive the glib, boasting talk about sexual assault (and sputter, “Hiliary! Benghazi! Emails! But… But… But… She killed Vince Foster!!!!” But the rest of America has seen Donald Trump’s twisted, broken soul, and they are repulsed. He is going to lose — by a lot, even more so if he spends the next several weeks attacking Hillary for Bill’s infidelities and otherwise tossing red meat to people like you, the people who wouldn’t desert him even if he did shoot someone on Fifth Avenue.

The only real question now is what will rise up to take the GOP’s place when Donald is done grabbing you all by the pussy.

Will it be a rational, conservative party that puts forth fact-based policy arguments to counter what Democrats believe are the better ways to move forward in society.

Or will it be Alex Jones-style conspiracy nonsense that appeals only to those who don’t have a clue what’s actually happening in the world and are susceptible to batshit crazy theories.

I hope for the former; but fear it will be the latter. The GOP has spent too much time convincing its base that no authority can be trusted, that the media is lying to them, that the craziest conspiracy theories are true.

You all believe it, admit it. Otherwise, you couldn’t support Trump. You actually think Bill and Hillary Clinton have had dozens of people murdered and gotten away with it. You wonder whether Obama was actually born in America (though doubting this means you BELIEVE that someone went back in time to put the birth announcement into the Honolulu newspaper; or that the conspiracy to elect this Muslim Kenyan was in place even before he was born). Some of you might even think, deep in the heart of your hearts that 9/11 was an inside job.

You believe this because you’ve been fed a diet of lies and misinformation to further one party’s political fortunes. And it worked, for a bit. Republicans took back the House and the Senate, though they couldn’t quite knock Obama out because the whole country votes for president, and the whole country isn’t misinformed or insane.

But because you’ve isolated yourselves geographically and found your safe places online and in the media, you actually think what you believe is normal and rational and sane.

It is not.

You have a choice. Come out of your bubble after Nov. 8, after Trump falls to what I hope will be the biggest electoral college defeat in a generation. Shake off the dust and the debris. Re-engage with the real world. Quit watching Fox News and thinking that sites like Breitbart and Daily Caller are telling you anything even resembling the truth. Start seeking out legitimate sources of information. Figure out what have been lies and what have been truths. Then go from there.

Or sink ever deeper into the swamp of right-wing fever dreams. Isolate yourself even more from mainstream American thought. Delve more completely into right-wing paranoid fantasies.

And you know what? If you do that, some day someone might come for your guns just like you’ve been fearing. Not because anyone wants to take all Americans’ guns away; but because nearly everyone believes that crazy people completely disconnected from reality should not have access to deadly weapons.

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