The final nail in the racist coffin for Scott Adams

758695469ea1f51ccfc0ffd287a1af56This is really pretty sad.

Scott Adams, creator of the very funny Dilbert, threw in with the racist, bigoted asshole Donald Trump. Adams put up a lot of smoke screen nonsense about how he didn’t actually agree with Trump, but he just was WOWED by Trump’s alleged persuasion skills. Oddly, those skills all seemed to center around Trump saying very racist, douchebaggery stuff. Somehow, that impressed Adams, and we were all supposed to think that had nothing to do with the racist douchebaggery content, and all to do with the PERSUASION MASTERY of it all.

I was skeptical from the beginning, though I wanted to believe the best of Adams because, well, you know — Dilbert is cool, and funny.

Anyway, the Adams’ latest post is the true reveal. He throws in with the racist douchbags, completely. He accuses Clinton of saying that ALL of Trump’s supporters are racists:

But Clinton just insulted 40% of American voters by calling them racists. Clinton literally – and publicly – turned on her own citizens.

In actuality, she did the opposite. Even though she explicitly called out the times when Republicans REJECTED racism — when Bob Dole told racists to take the clearly marked exits, extolled George W. Bush for going to a mosque after 9/11 and praised John McCain for reassuring a poor misguided woman that Barack Obama was an American, not an Arab, who wanted the best for our country — Adams said she explicitly said all of Trump’s supporters were racists. In fact, she did the opposite. She said that the Republican Party had been hijacked by racists. She said they were better than that. And she said they could do better than Donald Trump and the bigotry he brought in to the GOP.

This was not subtle on Clinton’s part — and, in fact, there were some in her party who argued that she should take the other tack. They said she should lump everyone who stood with Trump with the racist douchebags he had brought into the party. They said it would be better to tie the racists around the GOP’s neck and let the entire party sink with Trump. But Hillary Clinton did not do that. She gave principled Republicans an out. She told them they did not have to follow Donald Trump down the alt-right rabbit hole, and explicitly begged them to abandon that path.

Scott still has the chance to follow that advice. I hope he does. I like Dilbert, and I would really hate to see that very funny cartoon sunk because its creator sided with racist douchebags.

But that seems less and less likely with every passing day.

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  1. In response to Facebook – You are Fools.

    Today, the Republican nominee for the Presidency revealed that Hilary Clinton holds great sway over his decision making abilities. After several years of denigrating and undermining the Presidency of Barack Obama, the Republican candidate used the Eve defense, i.e. she made me eat the apple, when he confirmed that President Obama was right all along and he, the Republican nominee, was wrong.

    In other words, the black dude was telling the truth while the white dude propagated a lie.

    But, hey it’s totally the woman’s fault so you can’t blame him. He was just another very, very, very innocent victim in this political saga.

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