Scott Adams jumps the shark

13606924_10154405463673588_6014692515529747999_nI continue to be dismayed by the descent of Dilbert creator Scott Adams into a particular brand of alt-right asshole wingnuttery.

He’s turned into a Trump cheerleader (all the while assuring everyone he doesn’t really support Trump, but is just AMAZED by his persuasion skills, but his posts show him to be fully onboard the Trump Train).

And that would be fine. I mean, I’d lose all political respect for him, but I’d still be able to laugh at Dilbert, which has never really been about politics.

But his pro-Trump posts are becoming ludicrous, as I’ve mentioned before. In his latest, he worries that the Democratic National Convention is forcing his testosterone levels down.

The celebration of the first female major party nominee isn’t just a celebration of the advances women have made, Adams argues. If you’re a man, it is a “celebration that your role in society is permanently diminished.” Watching Alicia Keys sing her anthem, “Superwoman” — which, contrary to Adams, does not tell America that women are the only answer to our problems — Adams writes, “I’m fairly certain my testosterone levels dropped as I watched, and that’s not even a little bit of an exaggeration. Science says men’s testosterone levels rise when they experience victory, and drop when they experience the opposite.”

If your testosterone levels can’t handle a song by Alicia Keys, I’m pretty sure you’ve got medical issues. And enabling and empowering women to do jobs they are fully capable of doing doesn’t diminish men — unless they can’t keep up.

Again, I keep hoping this is some sort of blog-based performance art, something akin to Joaqim Phoenix’s rap career.

But I think Adams actually believes his nonsense.

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  1. shira says:

    I think normal men are allowed to feel emasculated in contemporary society when colleges are holding lectures on toxic masculinity. i don’t vote gal just because I’m a gal. What upsets me about monsieur adams is how unfunny he has become. he offered to host a diverse cartoon columnist, people posted HORRIBLY unfunny though well drawn cartoons and he stroked all their egos. Cartoons are more about humor than art though art helps. Dilbert in its heydey was freaking awesome. surprised he can’t write from a girl\s perspective. as a girl in tech, I’m sure he’s seen some, it’s an obvious experience he has to have observed.

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