Two Americas

The Democratic convention has been far more substantive than the Trump Show. There’s been a lot more talk about actual policy and ideas to make life for the average person better, and a lot less, “WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!”

But beyond that, what strikes me is this: These are people who are having a good time. They’re laughing, sometimes at themselves, like Howard Dean. Sometimes at Donald Trump, like Elizabeth Banks. They’re joking. They’re having fun.

And they’re doing it without calling for Trump’s jailing or execution, or chants of “Lock him up!”

We’re getting a very different vision of what America can be from these two conventions.

One is a dour, forbidding place where few minorities, aside from a few on-stage tokens, can be seen, but where a suffocating fear of The Other hangs over everything like a dark cloud. Where paranoia reigns, and the frightened masses look to one man, a savior who promises that he alone can fix everything.

The other is bright and sunny, where people work through real differences and past transgressions, leading to compromises and genuine reconciliation. Where the focus is on what makes America great right now, and how we all together can work to make it even greater. And this place looks like America, from the genuine diversity onstage to the genuine diversity within the crowd.

I know which America I live in now, and which one I’d like to continue to live in after November.

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