Moisture-resistant drywall green

The drywall finishers are done. They did a fine job covering up my mistakes. While it was nice to take the weekend off, it was also good to take the space back over again. It felt strange to have someone else working in my basement.

The walls are primed.I spent a good part of Saturday attempting to get the drywall dust under control. It coated everything. I’d covered furniture, tools and miscellany with plastic, and put up some plastic sheeting over the doorway to the unfinished storage area. The stuff directly under the sheeting was fine. The stuff in the storage area will need a LOT of dusting. I tried to mop up the floors, but when they dried I realized I’d mostly just spread the dust around.

The color choices for the home theater (left) and the home office (right).

The color choices for the home theater (left) and the home office (right).

Then it was time to prime. Home Depot had a great sale: $44 for 5 gallons of Kilz new drywall primer. It was supposed to cover up to 2,000 square feet, but new drywall is thirsty. I got both big rooms and the hallway primed, but the bathroom is still moisture-resistant drywall green. Which, oddly enough, is pretty close to the color we settled on for the home theater. The home office will be a lighter shade of green.

Painting is harder work than I remember. My father-in-law assured me that lots of things I did 10 or 20 years ago will now be harder than I remember.

With the primer, the walls are really looking like walls. The finishers seem to have done a good job. The few floor-to-ceiling butt joints I ended up putting in all look flat now that there’s a coat of paint. The stairway transition looks pretty good, too. It’s beginning to look like a real space.

The projector arrived. Unfortunately, it failed to power-up. The lamp light flashed red, indicating a bad lamp. I was perturbed, but the seller was quite responsive. He offered a full refund, but I suggested he could just pay for a new lamp. He found an OEM lamp and is having it shipped to me. As much as eBay makes me nervous, I’ve yet to have a truly horrible experience.

The LEDs, though, haven’t shipped yet. I contacted that seller, also. He said they were on back-order. If they aren’t in by Monday, he’ll refund the sale, and I guess I’ll buy $25 dollar LEDs through Amazon.

While I would kind of like to see the paint colors under the actual lighting before we make the final final call, I’m leaning towards painting the walls before I hook up the lights and switches, just because it is so much easier to paint when you don’t have to worry about painting over switches or outlets or trim.

Anyway, we appear to be reaching a very fun part of the project where progress really starts to look like progress. Keep checking back to see how it goes.

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