Basement update

For the first time in what seems like months, I took a weekend at home off from the basement work. The drywall finisher got started Friday, and won’t be back until today to do more work. There were things I could have done, but I needed the weekend off to give a carpal tunnel flare-up time to get better. Hanging the drywall turned out to really exacerbate that. I ended up getting a cortisone injection last week, and thought I owed it to myself to take a break.

But, even aside from the work that someone else is doing, progress is being made. My wife and I have been looking at paint samples, trying to decide on colors. We’re thinking a dark green for the home theater room and a lighter shade for the home office. Maybe a terra cotta for the half-bath and an accent wall in the home office. Once the drywall is finished, I’ll put up a coat of primer. Since we’ll want to see the color samples in the appropriate light, we had to make the call over whether we’d go with LED or CFLs for the recessed lighting. For several reasons, we decided to invest in LEDs. First, the quality of CFLs has gotten extremely variable. Some don’t dim well. They don’t come on right away. The colors, even for identical brands, don’t match. From what I’ve heard, LEDs have fewer of those issues. They also use far less electricity and are supposed to last 20 years or more.

So the LEDs have been ordered. I found some dimmable Sylvania LED bulbs for about $18 per in quantity. Others go for more than $50 a bulb, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that these will be decent, despite the “low” price.

Once the bulbs are in and the switches wired, we’ll check some paint samples and figure out which colors we like the best. We’re also trying to decide what to do about the flooring. We were considering laminate, but are leaning toward bamboo or cork right now.

I also went ahead and ordered the projector. I’ve been keeping my eye on eBay listings for the Epson 8350 projector. It had been running close to $1,200, but I found a new, open-box listing for $925. Again, I’m keeping my fingers crossed. But the seller has a 100 percent rating (same for the light-bulb vendor), so I’m pretty hopeful.

Next weekend will probably entail priming, wiring switches and outlets and, perhaps, putting up ceiling insulation.

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