The drywall is hung

The last wall

The last wall

The beer to celebrate the last wall.

The beer to celebrate the last wall.

I put up the last piece of dryall late yesterday afternoon. To be honest, I probably should have quit about an hour before then. I was tired and frustrated, which always leads to stupid mistakes, and a rash of expletives. The last few sheets all seemed to fall just a little off, leaving next to no overlap with the stud. I had to angle the screws in just right to sink them into the stud without being at such an extreme angle the screw head would stick out.

Finally, with the last panel, I realized that it would be easier to attach some pieces of wood to the stud to act as nailers. That worked very well.

So, in  my tiredness and frustration, I made a few stupid mistakes. A cut-out for an outlet ended up being three inches too low (I’m pretty sure that was a result of not paying attention to where the measurement starts on the T-square). You can see the resulting long hole in the photo of the last wall. I screwed in a couple pieces of wood so I can attach a filler scrap in.

Another panel didn’t quite reach the top plate in one corner. It was still possible to anchor it, though, and the gap will be covered by ceiling trim. So I’ll probably either just screw up a small drywall scrap to cover the gap or squirt in some foam insulation before the ceiling and trim go up.

This came out a little sloppier than intended. Hopefully, the finisher can work with it. If not, I'll try to redo it.

This came out a little sloppier than intended, which you can see if you click on the photo. Hopefully, the finisher can work with it. If not, I’ll try to redo it.

I’ll call the finisher a friend recommended today for an estimate. There are a couple of areas I want to point out to make sure my sloppy work can be covered up in the finishing process, especially the transition at the bottom of the basement stairs. I’ll hold onto a couple pieces of scrap board just in case I need to redo it.

Frustration and exhaustion aside, I was very happy to have the drywall done. The celebratory beer tasted great. As I’ve mentioned, the drywall has been both the most physically demanding and the most mentally challenging aspect of the project so far. Though it hasn’t been the most time-consumming (the wiring wins that prize), it’s definitely felt like the biggest, hardest piece of the puzzle, and I’m glad to have it behind me.

It’s not all downhill from here. The ceiling and floor installations will have their own challenges, I’m sure. But I feel like I’m over the hump. The space is really coming together.

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