Closing in on finishing the drywall

The longest wall.

The longest wall.

I came out better than the sheet of drywall.

I came out better than the sheet of drywall.

I made good progress on the drywall today, finishing the longest wall in the basement. As I had hoped, it went up pretty quickly. It was an easy wall, with just a few outlets, a drain access and one switch to cut out, and the studs were properly spaced for the most part, so the drywall fit the way it was supposed to. I did come across a couple of bowed studs, but I fixed them right up the same way I did the other: Saw the stud in half at the middle of the bow, sister a two-foot length of stud to the side with eight screws so that the stud is now straight. Worked like a charm.

Then I started on the last wall in the home theater area. That’s where it got a little interesting. I made the cuts I needed for the first sheet: A two-gang switch, an outlet box and an opening for the plumbing and electric to where the wet bar will be. The cuts were perfect, on the first try. I laid down some construction adhesive on the studs and got the sheet in place. It seemed stable. I bent over to pick up the screw gun, and BAM! Wallboard over my back. The wallboard snapped in half. Once I recovered from the shock of having a sheet of drywall drop over me, I realized I was fine.

But it worked out in the end.

But it worked out in the end.


The finish is a little rough, but some tape and compound will take care of it, and if it shows a little bit, it won’t matter much. Most of the cut will be covered by the wet bar.

But I had a problem. I had just ordered eight more sheets of drywall because I had underestimated the first go around. I thought that left me an extra sheet, but I realized it didn’t. I had estimated just right. Except for not anticipating losing a sheet to a fall. So I decided to go ahead and put it up in two pieces. It worked out pretty well. The break wasn’t totally clean, but it ought to be alright with some tape and joint compound.

Even if it ends up a little rough, it will just be a reminder of the adventure. And most of it will be covered by the wet bar, anyway.

I have three more sheets to put up to finish the last theater wall, then four sheets to finish the last wall in the office, then the drywall will be done. I should be able to finish tomorrow.

I’m pretty sure I’ve decided to have a pro do the taping and mudding. I’ve about had enough of the drywall. Once the drywall’s finished, we get to paint. That should be fun, and it’s something my wife can help with. Then I’ll get the fireplace ready for the faux stone and get ready to put up ceiling. Things are coming together.

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  1. Eric Brady says:

    Good call on the hiring out the taping and mud!

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