Go ahead, judge this book by its cover

The cover for "Ghost in the Machine."

The cover for “Ghost in the Machine.”

This is very exciting. The cover design for “Ghost in the Machine” is done. My friend Chris OBrion designed it for me. Chris is a great editorial cartoonist whose work appears in The Roanoke Times and elsewhere. One of the best decisions I made as editorial page editor was to hire him as a freelance editorial cartoonist. But he’s also an excellent graphic designer.

I came up with the concept. I was out for a walk a couple of months ago and was struck by a barren tree. I thought about how much the pattern of the branches looked like dendrites in a brain. The tree itself was almost in the shape of a brain. Of course, the novel was heavy in my mind at that time, and I suddenly had this picture of a brain superimposed over a tree. Well, I don’t have to describe it to you, really. You can see the cover. Chris absolutely nailed the concept. As I told him, it’s not exactly what I saw in my head: It’s better.

It absolutely fits the tone and content of the novel. I think it will scale well for ebooks or printed books. It’s perfect.

Now all I need to do is finish the revision. Since the burst of activity in November and December, I’ve given myself some time off. I’ve worked a bit here and there, but nothing sustained. It’s time to get back to it, though.

I still have to decide what to do when the revision is complete. I had been leaning heavily toward self-publishing, but I had a talk with a friend who really thought I owed it to myself to try to find an agent, for a variety of reasons. What he said made a lot of sense. But I’m not sure I see a downside to getting the novel out there as an ebook, as long as I retain the rights and the potential to sell it to a publisher.

I’ll keep pondering. The key thing right now is to finish the first revision.

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