The wiring is complete

Finally, the wiring is done. I feel like I’ve been working on it forever. And looking back to when I finished the framing, wow, I have been on this stage a log time. I finished the framing May 12. So it’s been eight months.

Of course, I wasn’t wiring the entire time. And I had some setbacks with some of the low-voltage wiring. But not much work got done during the summer months when weekends were more activity-filled. And it took a lot of contemplation time to figure out where I wanted the lights and receptacles and how best to group them into circuits. Before I could even get there, I had to work through a wiring book so I had a basic idea of what I was doing.

Then there was the old-work/new-work snafu. And issues getting the measurements right to figure out where the furring strips will go so I could place the can lights between them. (They won’t go up until after I put the insulation in the ceiling.) It’s been a long, drawn-out process filled with missteps and delays. I’m glad that part is done.

I’ll call Friday to schedule the rough-in inspection, and spend the weekend getting things straightened up so it all looks good for the inspector.

Then I’ll cross my fingers — and look forward to portions of the job that will hopefully move faster and give a greater sense of ongoing accomplishment.

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