A bad day to be a Republican

So, what did the Republican Party accomplish in the last 24 hours?

• A majority of its House members voted to keep plunging down the fiscal cliff, thus voting against lowering taxes on most Americans — either to protest the lack of tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans or the lack of spending cuts in programs that help the poorest Americans, or some combination of the two.

• The House GOP managed to block re-enactment of the Violence Against Women Act.

• The House GOP leadership failed to act on providing relief to victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Woo … hoo?

Oh, and word leaked that House Speaker John Boehner told Majority Leader Harry Reid to “Go f— yourself!” And he was so proud of that burst of juvenile profanity that he bragged about it later.

Such a proud day for the GOP.

I find it hard to believe that Republican voters look at this stuff and feel good about the party they belong to.

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