Who won the election again?

In the fiscal cliff negotiations so far, President Obama has pretty much started with the plan he campaigned on: Tax increases for the top 2 percent. Structural reforms for Medicare that will result in significant savings. An extension of payroll tax cuts and unemployment benefits.

And Republicans have countered with something more radical than what Mitt Romney campaigned on: The promise of $800 billion in revenue from unspecified changes to the tax code that don’t include any rate increases and may well include rate reductions. Immediate, painful cuts to Medicare and Social Security. Ending the payroll tax cut and extended unemployment benefits.

Now might be a good time to remind Republicans that they lost the last election. Obama beat Romney soundly. Republicans lost seats in the House and the Senate, and probably would have lost control of the House if not for the success of gerrymandering in creating safe seats for incumbents.

It might also be a good time to remind them that the public overwhelmingly prefers President Obama’s approach to deficit reduction, including reverting tax rates for the wealthiest Americans to what they were during the Clinton years. The extraordinarily prosperous Clinton years.

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