Mitt Romney and unicorn farts

In a comment I made on a blog after the final debate, I wrote this:

Obama ran away with this one. Romney looked weak and hesitant. How many times did he say, “I agree with the president” only to go on and suggest that somehow, most likely by harnessing unicorn farts, Romney would somehow improve on Obama’s policies.

I don’t what made me think of unicorn farts. I was trying to think of something imaginary and ridiculous. Unicorns are imaginary and, well, unicorn farts are ridiculous. The image of Romney harvesting them is even more so.

Mitt Romney’s agenda for just about everything is equally ridiculous. As Paul Krugman said in a recent column:

Well, as I’ve said before, Mr. Romney’s “plan” is a sham. It’s a list of things he claims will happen, with no description of the policies he would follow to make those things happen. “We will cut the deficit and put America on track to a balanced budget,” he declares, but he refuses to specify which tax loopholes he would close to offset his $5 trillion in tax cuts.

I think unicorn farts sums it up pretty well. How will Romney offset his $5 trillion in tax cuts? Harvesting unicorn farts. How will he save Medicare? Get rid of $750 billion in savings Obama put in place … and harvest unicorn farts. How will he balance the budget while increasing defense spending by $2 trillion? Weaponized unicorn farts.

What was he smelling in that picture? You got it. Unicorn farts.


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