The framing is complete*

Well, it’s taken some time – about three months – but the framing for the basement project is complete*.

The interior framing

The framing of the half-bath, closet and HVAC closet took a bit longer than I thought, and was some of the trickier work I’ve had to do so far. I wasn’t just putting up a wall parallel to a concrete wall, so I really had to think about where things needed to go. I also had four doorways to frame in, but I found those to be pretty easy. (We’ll see if the doors actually fit.)

Tricky framing

Definitely the trickiest thing I had to deal with was an inconveniently located drain pipe. It was right where the bathroom wall needed to be. I ended up constructing a short framing section that fit under the pipe and then put in a couple of blocks between the partial stud and the full stud next to it to make it sturdier. Then I had to soffit in the exchange duct for the heater. I used a borrowed miter saw (thanks, Dave!) to cut the angles. I didn’t think the nails would be long enough to secure them, so I got some 4″ screws. That didn’t work out (kept stripping the screw), so I tried the nail gun, and it worked just fine.

It feels good to have the framing done*. The part I liked least was securing the bottom plate for all the walls. Even with a hammer drill and masonry bits, that was tough going, and a heck of a work out.


Up next: wiring for speakers, ethernet and electric. (I’m going to do the wiring, but let someone who knows what he’s doing actually connect it to the box. I got the front three in-wall speakers wired today. I’m going with a 7.1 system, so I have four more speakers plus the subwoofer to wire.

I also need to finalize the bar plans so I know where the wiring and plumbing for that will go. I’ll schedule the plumber soon to do the half-bath and wet bar.

So far, I’m really enjoying this. It’s given me quite a sense of accomplishment to see it all take shape.

* With the exception of the framing for the corner fireplace we decided to install.

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