One wall goes up, another comes down

Progress continues on the framing. The final exterior wall is in. Now all I have left is several interior walls. These will include my first rough-ins for door frames, which will make it interesting.

Coming down

Before I get into that, I decided to do the little bit of demolition work that we need to do. We’re framing in the area by the stairs and incorporating it into a small portion under the patio that will remain unfinished. To make that work, I had to take down some of existing framing (don’t worry, it is not a load-supporting wall). This gave me another opportunity to put the reciprocating saw to work. It went right through the studs and the nails holding them in place. (I used a metal-cutting blade instead of a wood-cutting one.)

Open space

I cut through the top, and then was able to pull the stud off the nails attaching them to the bottom plate. I ended up with seven lengths of very nice 2×6. I think I’ll be able to repurpose those in the wet bar build.

With the studs down, I turned my attention to the bottom plate. That effort didn’t go so well. I switched to a wood-cutting blade. But at my first attempt to go through it, the blade bent. I tried again with a metal blade. Same result.

Barely a scratch

After three attempts with three different blades, you can see the damage done to the bottom plate in the photo to the left. If you look very closely, that is. I think I probably need a demolition blade, which is thicker than regular reciprocating saw blades.

Once this is done, I’ll get back to framing, which will be pretty straightforward except for the back wall of the half-bath. There’s an inconveniently located drain pipe there angling right across where the wall ought to be. I could put the wall in front of the pipe, but that leaves a pretty small margin for fitting in the toilet (about 10″ from the centerline of the toilet drain to the wall). This will require a fair amount of pondering time to figure out.


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