Another wall done … and a question to be answered

The longest wall ... done.

Finished the second, and longest wall today. It went far more smoothly. I’m still not getting the measurement right the first time most times. But there was much less futzing with the circular saw this time. Also, for some reason, the stud markers I carefully measured and marked off seemed to be a little off. I ended up checking each stud and making small adjustments, and still ended up off here or there. (I’m thinking some of the studs were probably warped, which threw off the measurements.)

Oh, and when we put in one of the top plates, I forgot to make sure the stud marks were facing down. Oops. I had to climb a ladder and put the marks on the side of the top plate. That probably threw things off some, too.

Anyway, this wall is a good 10 feet longer than the first, and it probably took half the time.

Next up is the shortest wall, a four-footer that corners off the long wall and then will have to meet up with the already-framed portion of the exterior wall. This and another short wall by the stairs will be the only two not dropped directly off or perpendicular to a truss. I was a little concerned about that, but I cut three blocks for the four-footer and got one screwed in without issue, so I think I can handle it. The top plate will attach to those blocks, which are even with, and perpendicular to, the truss. Everything should line up just fine.

So far, I’ve decided the wisest power tool purchase was the air compressor and nail gun set. I can’t even begin to imagine doing this with just a hammer.

After the four-foot wall’s done, I’ll have one more 15-foot wall to put up on the exterior, then about 40 feet of interior wall to frame in the bathroom, HVAC/water heater closet and an area that will remain unfinished. Then I need to start thinking wiring, both for electric and audio/video/ethernet.

The plansBefore I can get that mapped out, I need to make a decision about how best to orient the home theater. Click on the plans on the left. The home theater is the area of the basement to the left. My original thought was to have the screen for the home theater along the long wall to the left. But after getting some advice from someone who knows a lot about projectors and home theater systems, I’m reconsidering. He suggested putting the screen on the top, shorter wall.

My concern is the the narrow orientation will limit seating. We might be able to fit either a couch or a loveseat and sofa in the 12’6″ or so that will make up the width of the room with the walls put in. I would prefer not to get into dealing with risers – though I suppose that really comfortable bar stools could provide some additional seating for times when we have more than three or four folks watching a movie.

The concern with the wider orientation is that there won’t be enough depth in the room for optimum distance for the projector and to get really good surround sound speaker placement. Plus, the width of the room would put people really close to what will probably be an 80″ to 100″ screen.

I’m going back and forth. Anyone out there have any thoughts?

Update: Another thought occurred to me. If I make the bathroom narrower, I could get another 15″ of either depth or width in the home theater area. I just don’t know if I’ll have room for the sink if I make the bathroom that much smaller. It would give me about 33″ from the centerline of the toilet to the wall. Anyone know if that’s enough room for a small sink? 

Update #2: I’ve decided on the narrow orientation. I dropped the wall for the bathroom a little further out, but not as far as I originally thought. I didn’t want the space between the toilet and the sink to be too tight. Final width of the room is just more than 13 feet.

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