Ah, progress

The studs are going up.

I was hoping to have the first wall framed in by the end of the day today. We didn’t quite get there, but we did make genuine progress. The bottom plate was, at long last, finished. All but one of the studs has been cut to size (a couple were warped and a couple, ahem, ended up cut too short, so I’ll have to wait for the next batch of lumber to put in the final stud of this wall). And about a third of the studs were nailed into place.

There were, naturally, some frustrations. As carefully as I seemed to measure, I rarely got the cut right the first time. The process ended up going like this: I’d measure the length from the top plate to the bottom plate, then cut the stud. I’d try the stud in the measured spot, and it would be either too long or too short (by an eighth of an inch or so). I’d then try the stud in various other positions. If it fit someplace else, great. If not, I’d shave a tiny bit off with the circular saw and try again, and again. Many of the studs ended up just right – a nice solid fit that wouldn’t warp the truss above. A few were a hair short of that perfect fit. Lesson learned: Take those studs out of position before fitting others; otherwise, they might fall on you while you’re tapping the others into place.

Getting the studs properly positioned and keeping them there while nailing them into place was also challenging. Shannon helped, and it took some trial and error to figure out the best way of doing it (nail the bottom in first, then the top). The hardest were the ones that were just a tad short of a nice fit. But we managed. Lesson learned: Framing nail guns are heavy. We only got about a third of the studs nailed into place because my arms were getting rubbery.

Final lesson of the day: Best to quit early than operate dangerous power tools when you’re tired. Luckily, we didn’t learn that one the hard way.

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