Zero for three

In response to President Obama’s announcement that he’ll give a speech in Ohio tonight about the economy, Ohio GOP communications director Christopher Maloney had a churlish response:

Try as he might, Barack Obama can’t change history and make voters forget that he spent the last three years pursuing failed policies which have slowed our state’s economic recovery, threatened our domestic manufacturing base, and placed tens of thousands of Ohio jobs at risk.

Not only was the response churlish, it managed to get all three facts wrong: The economy in Ohio, and the rest of the country, is doing far, far better than the free-fall that Obama inherited. Obama saved a good portion of the nation’s manufacturing base, and undoubtedly thousands of Ohio jobs, when he bailed out the auto industry – a tremendously successful policy that continues to reap untold economic dividends for the nation, including the first increase in manufacturing jobs the nation has seen in a decade.

It’s pretty sad when all the GOP can do is attack President Obama with lies.

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