What kind of fresh Web weirdness is this?

I’ve been having insurmountable issues with an audio/MIDI interface for my computer. I posted something about it in the Apple Support forums a few months back. I’ve continued to try to solve the issue, unsuccessfully. Recently, while doing a web search on the issue, I came across this posting on what appears to be a message board in India. At first, I was excited. This person appeared to have the same problem I did, and even took some of the same steps to resolve it. But as I read further, it got too strange. It wasn’t a similar problem, it was an identical problem. He didn’t take similar steps to solve it; he took the same exact steps in the same exact sequence.

I’ve written about poorly written link-bait before, but this is different. Someone appears to have run the thread on the Apple Support forum through an online translator, or something. Check out the two initial posts side-by-side:


I bought a Tascam US-800 audio/MIDI interface to replace the US-122 that quit working when I installed Lion (it only has 32-bit drivers).

I’m using it with Garageband. It works fine when I first start up/restart the computer, but when I go back to it after a time, it doesn’t work. Neither the MIDI nor audio work, though the US-800 shows up both in System preferences and GB prefs. The signal light for the audio channel I’m using lights up, so the US-800 is getting signal, but it does not seem to be passing it on. If I unplug the USB and plug it back in, the US-800 disappears from both prefs (after a warning from GB) and doesn’t return until a complete system restart.

Anyone else having this issue? Any thoughts on resolving it?



I bought a Tascam US-800 interface for audio / MIDI to replace the US-122 that stopped functioning when I installed lion.

I’m using it with Garageband. It works fine the first time you start / restart the computer, but when I return to it after a while, does not work. Neither audio nor MIDI work. If I disconnect the USB and plug the 800 U.S. It fades away from both Preferences and does not return to a full system reboot. Does anybody else have this trouble? Anyone here who can assist me to overcome this trouble.

Follow the two threads, and the similarities continue. Replies from other users are also mirrored. They are not exact, but close. The differences sound like someone struggling with English as a second language. For instance, “I’m not using any of the digital ins or outs, and I’ve played with the clock settings, but with no success,”  becomes “I’m not using any of the digital in or exits and played with the clock settings, although without achievement.” Another oddity, one user posted the initial question, but a different user posted follow-ups. You have to join the forum to see other posts by users – a step I am definitely not going to take, but this tends to confirm that the forum is manufactured. I’ve poked around some, and the forum full of posts. I have no idea if they’re all copies from other places, but I would assume so.

So, does anyone have any idea why someone would go to the trouble of recreating posts like this? Is it link-bait, or some sort of strange phishing scheme designed to get people to sign up to the forum? All I know is it’s very peculiar.

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