Progress on the basement … finally

It’s been a very long time since I mentioned the basement project. That’s because, well, nothing’s been happening.

Thanks to a combination of busy weekends, a fair amount of business travel and, frankly, the inertia of not having a clue what I’m doing, very little progress has been made.

Until now.

The first part – almost undoubtedly the easiest part – is done. Sheet insulation has been installed on the basement walls.

Walls that used to look like this:

Now look like this:

It’s simple sheet insulation, half-an-inch thick, glued to the concrete wall with a special adhesive that won’t burn through foam. It’s got a pretty tiny R value, but in addition to some insulation between the concrete and the walls we’ll soon start framing, it will also act as a moisture barrier – though, thankfully, moisture does not seem to be a problem in the basement. It didn’t go totally smoothly. There were a few rough places in the cement that made some of the sheets hard to place, and sometimes the corners stubbornly refused to seal. Some makeshift braces (step stools and bed frame slats) helped hold things in place until the adhesive set, and I’ll caulk some of the remaining seams and gaps to get a better seal.

So, the next step is the framing – once I make a trip to the county for a building permit, of course. I’ve decided to go ahead an buy an air compressor and a nail gun to make that go a little more quickly. Any recommendations?

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