Manipulating the everlasting salmon

I bought some salmon to grill for dinner last night, but was feeling uninspired about how to prepare it. I did a Google search for grilled salmon and came across this wonderful example of poorly written link-bait, one of those pages on a popular topic thrown together to try to get some click-throughs on ads.

Clearly, English was not the first language of the person who wrote the content:

Whether you possess a charcoal or gas grill, it’s simple to manipulate everlasting salmon every time. Be surely to demand your fishmonger to preserve the skin on your salmon when you purchase it, but the primary is not to overcook. You might be in the midst of a big, boisterous barbeque, but don’t have too caught up in the merriment of grilling with a group & convey distracted from your fish.

As a bonus, there’s a section on grilling chicken in which you learn that “studying how to grill chicken is one of the more than difficult grilling acquirements to dominate.” You are also advised to “grill to the full thawed chicken only, and hold the chicken frosty until it’s sentence to manipulate.”

Of course.

When the Web becomes 90 percent this and 10 percent usable information, there might be a renewed demand for real writers and editors.

2 Responses to Manipulating the everlasting salmon

  1. Kristen says:

    … and why internet translators can NOT make human translators obsolete.

  2. Ron Newcomb says:

    Found this Googling “salmon blog” but you blog everything, so, what if I can solve the salmon/dam conflict? See how: and there is my blog there.
    Thanks. (And, no, I am not one of those pesky machines! Argh!

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