What the Tea Party is, and why it must be stopped

Watch this from the Tea Party Express debate and see Tea Partiers cheering the notion of letting a 30-year-old sick person die because he didn’t plan ahead and buy insurance for an unexpected illness.

These people are inhumane and un-American. Their views must not prevail.

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  1. Joe Mostowey says:

    Lets recap since the Reagan years:
    Reagan, Bush and the GOP said “Tax cuts =Jobs.”
    Reagan cut taxes – No Jobs.
    Clinton raised taxes Jobs added!
    Bush Cuts taxes – Jobs disappear.

    What happens when GOP cuts Government spending?
    Jobs disappear.

    During every recession except this last one, Virginia made out fairly decent due to road construction keeping lots of contractors, and roadbuilders and other related (and non related) businesses staying busy doing direct and indirect government building, especially on roads.

    25 years of Virginia slashing VDOT construction funds due to no fuel tax raises to keep pace with inflation – Many large construction companies, many small supporting companies go out of business -others shrink, lots of lost jobs.

    All across the country, many states slash government spending – many jobs lost.

    Federal Government stops earmarks, stops much of their building programs at the state level due to less income due to tax breaks, more jobs lost.

    When one of the greatest economic engines stops, which is what the federal government is, the resulting loss of money being pumped into the consumer economy creates job losses and helps drive down demand in the private sector enough to cripple state economies nation wide.

    So, decades of tax breaks have created how many jobs?

    With taxes on everyone the lowest in decades, if low taxes are supposed to create jobs, Wheres the jobs?

    If low taxes are supposed to boost the economy, why are we in a recession?

    If cutting government spending is supposed to make everything better, why is everything worse?

    Could it be, that like the grinch, who made assumptions about Christmas and whosville, maybe the folks making assumptions concerning government spending, and taxes, have the same type of blindness?

    Perhaps the Cantors and McDonnells of the world need to spend some time really being working class instead of fatcats.

  2. Lorie Allen says:

    Myself and many others live in fear of a Tea Party take over!! There must be a way to stop this fast moving poison that will kill our Nation.

    • Joe Mostowey says:

      A very wise President once said “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself”.
      And now we live in a nation where every aspect of our lives is based on fear.Parties like the GOP and the Tea party revolve around fear mongering.
      For instance:
      The president suggested moderately raising the amount of taxes the wealthy pay.
      GOP response: Oh, No! they will stop creating jobs!

      Funny thing, in the era before low taxes on the wealthy, when their tax rate was 91 percent, jobs were plentiful, pay and benefits were good, and the middleclass was growing.

      Since the era of Reagan, Taxes on the wealthy have shrunk, and investment wealth is taxed the least, meaning it is very profitable to build and invest in companies like China, ship jobs to China and India, and make billions – almost tax free.

      Americans fear getting the ax if they complain, they fear the loss of jobs if laws or enforced. if unions move in, they fear their neighbors, they fear the law, they fear bill collectors, they are afraid every waking moment – heck, they are even afraid if they leave their wifi unlocked they’ll get arrested for somebody doing something illegal.

      The GOP started the fear mongering process in the south under nixon during the civil rights era, found out how easily Americans turned into cowards and have exploited the fear card ever since.

      Look at any GOP mouthpiece, Fox, Beck, Limbaugh- every show is about scaring people into thinking they are a victim of something.

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