How wrong can one blogger be?

UPDATE: Jerry took the post down. He didn’t offer up a correction or an explanation – or an apology. He just took the post down. I guess that’s as close as he’ll come to admitting an error. I’ve changed the link below to the Google cache version, but can’t find the graph he used.

When that one blogger is Jerry Fuhrman, the answer is very wrong. Very, very wrong.

In a recent post, Jerry was going on about out-of-control government spending and how he didn’t trust Democrats to make cuts if they increased revenue. Boilerplate stuff.

But he used a chart to try to make his point, and that’s where he got into trouble.

Referring to the chart above, Jerry wrote, “Take a look at this chart: It shows government spending (in green) (along with growth in GDP in blue) from 1930 to the present.”

Ahem. If you actually take a look at the chart, you’ll see that Jerry is either color blind or confused. The green is GDP. The blue is government spending. As I pointed out in a comment on his blog, his first clue should have been that the green was so much bigger than the blue – government spending literally cannot be higher than GDP, since it is part of GDP.

Jerry went on: “You’ll note the fact that spending has never been reduced in any year in between, no matter how out-of-control it became.  (You’ll also note, I hope with a high degree of alarm, where that trajectory is taking us.)”

Actually, when you have your colors straight, what you note is that GDP has grown at a far greater rate than government spending. What would be interesting would be to add a color showing what’s happened to taxes. That would prove once and for all that we don’t have a spending problem, we have a revenue problem.

Jerry never replied to my comment and never corrected his post.

I guess when you’re that wrong, a correction would just be too embarrassing.

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