Stumbling from one crisis to the next

Buckle your seat belts, America. In the increasingly unlikely eventuality that we make it through the debt-ceiling crisis in one piece, another battle royale looms. The short-term budget deal Obama and Republicans made late last year to avoid a government shut-down runs out at the end of September. Once again, Republicans will undoubtedly use the opportunity to engage in their favorite political pursuit: hostage-taking. Despite controlling only the House of Representatives, they’ll demand that Democratic senators – who my good friend Rick Horowitz recently reminded were also elected by the American people – bend completely to their will or Republicans will shut down the government.

And so it goes in the age of Republican insanity. America stumbles from one crisis to another, edging up to the brink of one disaster after another, complete chaos only one vote away.

As President Obama said in his Monday night speech, “This is no way to run the greatest country on earth.”

Until Republicans come to their collective senses or are thrown out en masse in 2012, there’s not much choice.

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