Increase the debt limit – now

Now that it’s clear that no bargain – grand or otherwise – can be reached on deficit reduction because Republicans are too afraid of their rabid base to even contemplate any kind of revenue increase, will they at least do the right thing and pass a clean increase of the debt ceiling – something they did seven times during the Bush years without blinking once?

Doing so would avert economic disaster. As Steve Benen of The Washington Monthly has repeatedly said, “ I can’t think of any potential crisis that’s so serious and yet so easy to resolve.”

The base won’t like this, either – because the base Republicans are most concerned about now is comprised largely of the ignorant and misinformed – but sometimes elected officials have to do the right thing and damn the political consequences. This is one of those times.

Perhaps the McConnell proposal could be resurrected, allowing Republicans to let the debt limit go up without their fingerprints on it.

In any case, once the crisis is averted, then Republicans can try to get their way the right way: They can make the 2012 election a referendum about how to deal with the debt. They can try to convince the electorate that their uncompromising solution is best, and see if they’re rewarded at the ballot box. No hostages. No drama. No global economic calamity.

It’s just a thought. A rational thought that probably will go nowhere because the Republican Party left rationality behind.

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