Why was the question only asked after Bush left?

My friend Jerry Fuhrman had an interesting post on his “From On High” blog this morning about Obama’s decision to draw down troops from Afghanistan. He wrote:

About Afghanistan I have asked a simple question for years now – since George W. Bush left and Obama came along - What’s the mission? Why is the latter sacrificing young American lives now that victory has been taken off the table?

My question, and, Jerry, I’d love for you to answer it, is why you only started asking that question after Bush left? What was the mission while Bush was in office? Bush went to war in Afghanistan because he had to. But he never committed this nation’s full resources to that effort, or his full attention. From the beginning, he was planning on using 9/11 as a pretext for the invasion he wanted to do from the beginning: Iraq. We toppled the Taliban in Afghanistan, but Bush never finished the job of routing al-Qaida and bringing bin Laden to justice because he was more interested in Iraq – which had, it bears repeating, absolutely nothing to do with 9/11. Bush took victory in Afghanistan off the table almost from the beginning when he decided Iraq was his real goal.

So the question Jerry asks is a good one, but he should have been asking it years earlier.

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