The basement project will soon begin

My wife and I are buying a new house, a new house with an unfinished basement. It’s a great house, but for it to really work – especially with me working from home – the basement needs to be finished. We have a limited budget to get that done, so I have made the fateful decision to attempt to do most of the work myself – hopefully with some help from friends who have done this kind of work before.

Me? I’ve never done anything much more involved than putting together a Sauder desk or bookshelf. My experience with power tools is practically zero. So this could be a pretty harrowing and life-changing experience. It will undoubtedly have moments of high drama and moments of humor. I’m hoping it will not involve any trips to the emergency room, but I don’t doubt there will be some physical injury involved. Drama. Humor. Blood. Naturally, I think I ought to write about it.

So, in an occasional departure from the usual politically oriented blog posts, Blogging Dan readers will start seeing posts about the basement finishing project. I’ll go through the whole thing, from the planning to the framing to the dry-walling, wet-bar building, floor-finishing and ceiling-raising. If any of you have any helpful suggestions along the way, feel free to make them.

The basement appears to be a very good candidate for this. Much of the framing is already done with the exception of a couple of concrete walls. It appears to be totally dry. There is a drain pipe installed for a toilet for a half-bath. There are no poles or other obstacles to work around. We move in about a week. Updates to follow.

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