I hope that was a non sequitur

Ed Rollins, likely campaign chief for an improbable but likely run by Rep. Michelle Bachmann for president, said this on CNN in defending the bizarre, far-right-wing congresswoman:

There’s no question. And at the end of the day you’ve got to be 100 percent accurate or whatever you say, and I think the key thing here is she — if she does become a candidate, which I think she will, she will have a good team around her and will basically make sure that everything is fact checked and obviously she’s smart, she’s on the intelligence committee, you know, so she can talk about a lot of different things. (emphasis added)

Ok, someone tell me that Ed Rollins, a long-time Republican strategist, knows that the intelligence committee has oversight of U.S. intelligence agencies and that membership thereon is actually no indication of the member’s intelligence.

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