Someone needs to call on Cantor to resign

You know what? I’m pretty disgusted with Rep. Anthony Weiner. He had a promising political career. He had a beautiful, accomplished wife. That wasn’t enough, so he sought out … whatever … with an assortment of women he apparently met through Facebook. That was bad enough, but then he pressed the wrong button or … whatever … and sent a crotch shot out to the entire Twitterverse instead of the one Twit he was aiming for. And then he lied about it – badly.

So, yeah, the guy should resign. But something about the sanctimonious ass to the left calling on Weiner to resign raises my hackles – especially when he couldn’t bring himself to demand the resignation of members of his party who did far worse. Yeah, Weiner was a weiner. But, you know what? Nothing he did hurt the country or anyone but his own family and the young women he got involved with. That’s bad, but the level of damage is minuscule compared to what Eric Cantor does every single day of the week.

Between the two of them, I think a FAR stronger case should be made for Cantor to resign. Cantor, after all, is the [expletive deleted] who thought the U.S. government ought to balance its books before sending emergency aid to Joplin, Mo. Cantor is the [expletive deleted] who thinks playing around with a default on U.S. obligations is hunky dory if it helps his party advance some ideological goals. Cantor is the [expletive deleted] who took credit for job gains in the U.S. in April but said poor results in May demonstrated the futility of President Obama’s approach.

Cantor is a post turtle. He shouldn’t be calling for anyone’s resignation. He should be announcing his own. The sooner, the better.

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