Anthony Weiner: What a d—

With a name like Weiner … I know, I know. All the good puns – if any of them were ever good – have already been used.

I watched coverage of all this with some bemusement. At first, I believed Rep. Anthony Weiner when he said his account had been hacked. Because, well, what member of Congress would be that stupid (other, of course, than this guy)? But when he started getting cagey with the answers to obvious questions – especially not being able to say with “certitude” whether the infamous picture was of him, it became pretty clear that something more was, um, up.

Now he’s admitted to having online “relationships” with six women. He has apologized to his family for his destructive behavior, but he says he will not resign.

He should rethink that. The fiery Democrat once known for impassioned, witty floor speeches will now be known for the crotch shot heard around the world.

But there is an incredible double-standard going on here that I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention, and that you ought to think about every time a Republican calls for Weiner to resign: Sen. John Ensign did far worse. He had an affair with a staffer. He then forced the staffer and her husband, who also worked for him, out of their jobs. He then paid them off to keep them quiet. The media largely ignored that enormous scandal. There were very few calls for Ensign’s resignation – which didn’t come until an ethics committee investigation determined laws had been broken and referred the matter to the Justice Department.

Weiner texted a picture of himself to a young woman, then lied about it. What he did was stupid and showed incredibly poor judgment. But a comparison of the coverage and attention paid to the two cases really makes you wonder about the priorities of both the media and the public.

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