If you don’t fill a vital job with a crony, you don’t have to drop everything

Fox News must have been desperate to find someone to criticize the exemplary FEMA response to the string of deadly tornadoes that have hit the America’s Heartland recently (whereas a news station not devoted to making Obama look bad might have focused instead on House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s heartless, soulless response). Fox found Michael “Heckuva Job, Brownie” Brown, who criticized President Obama for not cutting short his visit to Great Britain even sooner.

In this situation, they’re almost tone-deaf. I mean, you stop and think about it, your press office should be recognizing that the visuals that Americans are seeing is of this devastation.

Yes, much better to worry about your dinner while people are dying.

Here’s a thought: Maybe because Obama appointed someone to head FEMA who actually knows something about disaster response – as opposed to knowing something about Arabian horses – he didn’t need to rush home quite so quick.

And here’s another thought: If you’re a clueless embarrassment run out of a position of authority after it became clear you had no business in a position of responsibility, maybe you want to keep your mouth shut in the aftermath of a disaster that’s actually being responded to with a significant level of competence.

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