Obamacare is exceeding estimates already

Though it doesn’t take full effect until 2014, the Affordable Care Act is already decreasing the number of uninsured, and it is doing so in ways that should help lower the cost of insurance for everyone, says Rick Ungar at Forbes. Provisions in the law allowing grown children to stay on their parents’ insurance until age 26 has brought hundreds of thousands of young people into the ranks of the newly insured.

As Ungar says, this is very, very good news:

Because the under 26 crowd tends not to get sick, adding them to the insurance pools helps bring the very balance that was intended by the new law.  The more healthy people available to pay for those in the pool who are ill (translation- the older people), the better the system works and the lower our premium charges should go.

Of course, this is the entire idea behind the Affordable Care Act. If everyone is insured, the pool will be large enough, and full of enough healthy people, to truly spread the risks and the costs and make care more affordable for everyone.

Note that this is the exact opposite of what Republicans are trying to accomplish with their approach to Medicare. There, they want to foist a pool of older, sicker Americans onto a private market that no one has any reason to believe wants them – and they want to give seniors vouchers to pay for that insurance that they know won’t cover even current health care costs.

Obama’s approach is working. The Republican plan is a disaster waiting to happen.

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