This is just sad

I think I’m going to leave Don Surber alone from now on. The poor guy has gone over the edge. This morning, he’s ranting about how $4 a gallon gas is a conspiracy theory designed to herd Americans into cities where they’ll be easier to control. He appears to be serious. (Though, who knows, he said he was serious when he said the IRS, in an attempt to enforce tax laws was sending “Mafia-like letters.” That must have been a joke. Right?)

I’d look through his blog archives, but something tells me Don didn’t push such screw-ball theories the last time gas was this high and a Republican was in the White House.

Surber used to be a fairly decent editorial writer. I disagreed with much of what he wrote, of course. But he wrote with passion and wit, and he wasn’t silly.

Now he spends most of his day writing ludicrous blog posts based on right-wing talking points and misinformation. He has no interest in reasoned discussion or debate. He’s a right-wing caricature. But, after reading that last post, I almost feel sorry for him. If he’s serious, he needs advice from a mental health professional. If he’s just playing a part, then he’s nothing but a shill who isn’t worth anyone’s time or attention.

For some reason, this line from the original Toy Story keeps going through my head: “You are a sad, strange little man, and you have my pity.”

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