Nothing can go wrong … go wrong … go wrong …

Google wants to turn the highways over to robotic drivers. Speaking at the Maker Faire 2011 Saturday, Sebastian Thrun, a Google scientist and Stanford University professor, said robotic cars that drive themselves would make far more efficient decisions and allow far more cars to pack highways with far more cars without slowing down.

“Think about the car as a medium of mass transit: So, what if our highway-train of the future meant you go on the highway, and there’s a train of very close-driving cars with very low wind drag, fantastic capacity, is twice as efficient as possible as today, and so there is no congestion anymore?” Thrun said.

I’ve long dreamed of a car that would drive itself. Just think if you could tell your car where to go, and it would take care of getting you there. You could read a book, talk to a friend, play a video game – whatever you want, while the electronic chauffeur got you where you’re going. Shoot, on a long trip, you could take a nap.

There is resistance to the idea, of course. Some people don’t trust computers to drive safely. Software glitches could cause horrible accidents.

Me? I’d take a computer over most of the drivers I see on the roads today.

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