Gingrich is beyond mockery

Newt Gingrich went through a fascinating implosion this week after he went on television and related some truths about the House Republican budget, which he correctly called “radical” and “right-wing social engineering.” That didn’t go over well in the right-wing circles that Gingrich needs to connect with if he’s to have any hope of succeeding in his rather unlikely bid for the Republican nomination for president, so he walked the remarks back. Way back. He was, he said, unprepared for the “gotcha” questions host David Gregory threw at him on “Meet the Press.” As Steve Benen points out, Gingrich has been on Meet the Press 35 times, so the notion that he was unprepared is patently ridiculous – as is the idea that Gregory’s questions were intended to trick Gingrich. Read the transcript.

All that was silly enough, but then Gingrich stepped up the silly to truly ridiculous levels. On Fox News, perhaps the only network where such a pronouncement wouldn’t get laughed at out loud, Newt declared that “Any ad which quotes what I said on Sunday is a falsehood.”

Get that? Any ad that repeats what Gingrich actually said is a lie.

Stick a fork in him. Newt is done.

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