At Gannett, owners get the mine, workers get the shaft

From Jim Hightower, here’s a story that says much about the state of today’s media – and of the economy in general: For the past several years, Gannett has been laying off workers by the thousands, piling more and more duties on fewer and fewer people. In addition, those remaining workers have had a salary freeze in effect – in addition to up to four weeks of unpaid furlough per year – a month’s salary down the drain.

This year turned out to be no different. More furloughs; no raises. Gannett will save $17 million this year keeping these two punitive measures in place.

$17 million. Keep that figure in mind when you read the next paragraph from Hightower:

Only two months later, bonuses totaling $3 million were quietly bestowed on the top two. To add a cherry to this sweet delight, the duo also were awarded stock options and deferred pay totaling as much as $17 million.

$17 million in lost pay for 32,000 workers. Bonuses as high as $17 million for two top executives.

I would never advocate violence, but people lost their heads in the French Revolution over a hell of a lot less.

No one is worth $8.5 million a year, no matter what they may tell themselves – especially no one who is currently presiding over the decline of the once-great institution of the American press.

This ought to be a crime, and anyone working at Gannett ought to be looking for a new job, or a different line of work.

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  1. Joe Mostowey says:

    The media is not screaming about this, nor are there any stories that really push this inequity in a concerted manner. Everyone is in the mindset of, Big Deal- it happened to me years ago, and it upset no one. It is the old, “First they came for” story.

    When it first started occurring back in the 1970’s to garment workers, it was ” we get the stuff cheaper from overseas” And well, they are union workers, over priced, over paid, under worked.

    Everyone had a reason for excusing it.

    Then other workers started getting the shaft – again everyone had an excuse to ignore it.

    Public workers – overpaid, under worked lazy people -serves ’em right.

    Now it’s hitting the information sector – only who can rise to the occasion?

    Everyone’s being treated this way -its now common place.

    “Then they came for me–
    and there was no one left to speak out for me.

  2. Scott M. says:

    Wonder what you think about my advocacy for socialism/communism now?

    Best wishes.

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