What happened to the liberal media, part 2

Nothing like a one-sided report about one-sided congressional hearings. WVMetroNews – an operation that gives lie to the notion of some monolithic liberal media cabal – ran an article about yesterday’s EPA-bashing hearings in the U.S. House. Dutifully, WVMetroNews reported all the dire warnings from coal industry apologists about how the EPA’s recent enhanced scrutiny of coal mining permits threatened the very existence of the coal industry in West Virginia, including thousands of jobs.

Now, this was a terribly one-sided hearing. House Republicans didn’t invite any residents of Appalachia to testify about the impacts of mountaintop removal on their communities. No scientists were invited to testify about the extensive environmental damage caused by current mining practices. But, unlike the first hearing, this one did at least have someone from the EPA to defend the agency.

If your only information about the hearing came from WVMetroNews, you’d know that official was there, but you wouldn’t have a clue what she said. This is all the ink WVMetroNews gave her:

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson was scheduled to be on hand to address the subcommittee, but did not show up.  Instead a second tier representative of her office was on hand.

I wrote about Nancy Stoner’s comments for a post on the Appalachian Center’s new blog. She defended the agency’s handling of coal permits and pointed out numerous scientific studies outlining the dangers to water quality and other environmental hazards associated with current mining practices that justify a stricter look at permits.

WVMetroNews readers wouldn’t know anything about that, unfortunately. It borders on journalistic malpractice.

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