I think the Mafia might be just a little tougher

Extreme right-wing blogger Don Surber has another winner of a post up today: He’s up in arms because the IRS is enforcing the law. Specifically, they are sending letters to people who make cash gifts to 501 (c)4 organizations – you know, the shadowy groups that spent millions upon millions of dollars helping elect Republicans last year after the disastrous Citizens United decision by the U.S. Supreme Court – to let them know that such gifts are taxable.

Surber is outraged by this:

The Obama IRS is sending Mafia-style letters to donors to these groups. I’m serious. Benn Smith reported the letters begin: “The Internal Revenue Service has received information that you donated cash to [REDACTED], an IRC Section 501(c) (4) organization. Donations to 501(c) (4) organizations are taxable gifts and your contribution in 2008 should have been reported on your 2008 Federal Gift Tax Return (Form 709).”

Mafia-style letters? He’s serious? Please. First of all, I don’t think the Mafia sends letters. Second, if they did, I don’t imagine they would be quite so polite. They might even mention the possibility of broken legs.

Just to be clear, such gifts are taxable. That’s the law. It’s the IRS’s job to enforce tax law – and if America is as desperately broke as conservatives say (it’s not), then Surber ought to applaud the effort to collect every dime of taxes owed under the law.

Surber finishes with this: “Those letters will be sent to conservatives only.” He offers no proof for that assertion. I doubt he has any.

He’s serious? Surber hasn’t been serious for years, sadly.

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7 Responses to I think the Mafia might be just a little tougher

  1. TR says:

    I remain convinced that Don Surber is secretly a liberal who pretends to be conservative in order to make all of them look like utter f-ing morons.

  2. Texas Aggie says:

    There is a group of wingnuts who believe that they aren’t obligated to pay any taxes at all to the government. I forget what they call themselves, but they keep ending up in jail for nonpayment of taxes. I wonder if this dork is one of them. And if so, why should he be allowed to write from his cell when many of his compatriots are not allowed to vote?

  3. RockBiter says:

    I’ve tried to copy/paste this to Surber’s blog several times. For some reason he won’t allow it……

    • joe mostowey says:

      Perhaps youse should make him an offer he can’t refuse?

      an example utilizing some part of an equine usually has the desired effect.

      • joe mostowey says:

        In Mr.Surber’s case use the hind quarter rather then the fore – the symbolism may be lost on him, but the rest of us will get the joke.

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