What happened to the liberal media?

For all the complaints about liberal bias in the media, the tilt on Sunday morning’s news shows – the week after the Obama administration found and killed Osama bin Laden – was definitely to the right, as Rachel Maddow pointed out yesterday (h/t Steve Benen):

Here it is: Republican Senator Dick Lugar; Republican former presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani; Republican former Congressman Tom Davis; the Bush administration’s CIA director, General Michael Hayden; the Bush administration’s secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice; the Bush administration’s homeland security secretary, Michael Chertoff; the Bush administration’s defense secretary, Donald Rumsfeld; the Bush administration’s vice president, Dick Cheney; the Bush administration’s vice president’s daughter, Liz Cheney — the week the Obama administration announces it has killed Osama bin Laden, that’s the guest list on the Sunday morning political talk shows to talk about it.

What is up with that? This is in no way unusual. The Sunday news shows feature way more Republicans and independent voices than Democrats, but on the heals of the most significant national security accomplishment since 9/11, why on Earth would the shows’ bookers only look in the GOP section of their Rolodex’s?

The liberal media is falling down on the job, badly.

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