Boehner is incoherent

I understand that good economic news is bad for John Boehner and the Republican Party, but I can’t believe the load of nonsense he spouted in response to today’s good news on job creation:

While any improvement is welcome news, job growth in America is still nowhere close to what it should be. Our economy continues to suffer from the uncertainty being caused for private-sector job creators by the Democrats who run Washington. Over the past month, rather than joining Republicans in focusing on policies that promote long-term economic growth to help balance the federal budget, the Democrats who control Washington have indicated they are planning to increase taxes and allow the government’s spending binge to continue.

Steve Benen, as usual, did an excellent job exposing just how ridiculous this statement was:

First, the only “uncertainty” hanging over the economy right now is whether the debt ceiling is going to be extended, or whether there will be a massive catastrophe of Congress’ making. The only people in America responsible for this “uncertainty” is John Boehner and his caucus. (Indeed, this morning’s statement goes on to say, “Congressional Republicans have made clear there will be no debt limit increase unless it is accompanied by significant spending cuts and reforms.” Isn’t this a perfect example of creatinguncertainty?)

Benen also points out that “Republicans aren’t ‘focusing on policies that promote long-term economic growth,’ they’re focusing on abortion rights and austerity measures that undermine economic growth.”


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