Ending the plan to end Medicare as we know it

The fat lady appears to have sung on Paul Ryan’s radical proposal to end Medicare as we know it and replace guaranteed health care benefits with completely inadequate vouchers for private insurance. Even House Speaker John Boehner seems to realize that the proposal won’t survive budget negotiations.

But America won’t forget that House Republicans supported this disastrous proposal, and even passed it as part of a budget that did little for the deficit, raised taxes on the middle class and gave the wealthy huge tax breaks.

And if the American people are inclined to forget about this, something tells me Democrats won’t let them.

In the meantime, even though Medicare may be safe, Ezra Klein reminds us that Republicans still want to destroy Medicaid and have a shot at succeeding – which would have disastrous consequences for millions of vulnerable Americans.

One Response to Ending the plan to end Medicare as we know it

  1. joe mostowey says:

    How Come? How come when the budget needs balancing, none of the politicians, at the federal level or state level, ever talk about cutting THEIR benefits? Like health care, Housing stipend, government cars, staff?

    How come they always manage to get if not a pay raise, then something that looks suspiciously like a pay raise?

    Why are these folks exempt from the misery they inflict upon the rest of us?

    Why don’t they have to be employed for thirty years before they get a pension?

    How come they get free food, and free drink? The proverbial free lunch?

    Maybe, just maybe, if we took their offices out of those stately , spacious buildings, put them in dingy little offices, where they had to spring for the necessities, gave them the cheap furniture the rest of us get, and if they want better, pay for it themselves, make them ride buses, or drive their own cars, pay for their own gas, have a health insurance with copays and deductibles, they might come back down to earth.

    How come they get to cavort and frolic as though they were kings, or crown princes on vacation at our expense, and then dare tell us we are living too high, having too much of the “high life”?

    How come?

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