Surber on bin Laden’s death

I don’t often find much to agree with on Don Surber’s extreme right-wing blog, but he called this one right:

Give credit where it is due.

President Obama gave the order to just shoot the SOB in the head — and apparently the man and woman who Laden tried to use as human shields.


I am reading on some other blogs the political nonsense.

My message is to conservatives is Stop it.

There is good and evil in this world. I weigh it every night at 5 PM on my Daily Scoreboard.

But I weigh the events, not the men — or women. I am not God. There are very few evil people in history. Barack Obama is so far from that list that it is laughable to even think of him as “evil.”

Come on, do I have to post the photo of him on the tricycle again?

Osama bin Laden was evil.


Getting rid of him — dumping his body in the ocean — was a very good thing.

Let’s celebrate.

Let’s not waste this glorious, wondrous day that God has given us — deliverance from an evil and cowardly man — on petty partisanship.

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