Ok, this is creepy

I just found out I’ve had a stalker since last June that I didn’t know about it. Worse, the stalker has been right in my pocket most of that time:

It turns out that your iPhone is keeping a record of everywhere you’ve been since June. This data is stored on your phone (or iPad) and computer, easily available to anyone who gets their hands on it. Why? Apple won’t say. We’re creeped out.

I’m creeped out, too. I downloaded the program designed by the security researchers who discovered the tracking, and, sure enough, every place I’ve been with my iPhone is laid out on the map it generates. Creepy, creepy, creepy.

Apple needs to explain why the iPhone has been keeping a record of this data, whether it has been disseminated beyond individuals’ iPhones and computers, and what, if anything, the company plans on doing with the data.

Oh, and how to turn it off.

2 Responses to Ok, this is creepy

  1. lucie says:

    that’s crazy! is there more somewhere about this?

  2. C. Wright says:

    And when you hold your iPhone up to your ear nanites are injected into the auditory system where they form a bug or monitoring device. These nanobots are imbedded as a backup because there exists a slight possibility that you will decide your privacy is more important than your cell phone.

    In the mean time, if you are planning on doing anything unscrupulous, wrap aluminum foil around your head to disrupt the nano trackers’ GPS link and leave you communication device at home. Also, your shoes and clothes are probably tagged and should be left behind.

    Did your see the You Tube video from the surveillance camera of the naked man with a silver head? I think he has a page on Face book.

    It is difficult to understand the naiveté of the public when it comes to modern technology.
    If the tools exist to monitor the communications and movements of the masses they will be utilized. Forget about our rights to privacy; they died with the birth of the microchip. Not only do we embrace this loss, we relish it.

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