Ryan and Obamacare

According to The Wall Street Journal, Republicans and associated interest groups spent $70 million last election attacking Democrats for health care reform’s cost-savings measures aimed at Medicare.

“Maybe Schauer’s trying to hide his own vote to cut $500 billion from Medicare,” said one typical television ad, this one targeting then-Rep. Mark Schauer (D., Mich.), who lost his re-election bid. “Let’s save Medicare, and cut Schauer.” Like others, this ad was paid for by the National Republican Congressional Committee.

Such ads helped Republicans take back the House. Last week, that House passed the Ryan budget, which, The Wall Street Journal notes, keeps in place the Medicare reductions in the health care reform act while devoting $10 billion to restore the expensive, inefficient Medicare Advantage program (which costs taxpayers 14 percent more than regular Medicare).

America: Republicans ran for election last year telling you they would save Medicare. Instead, they are preparing to end Medicare as we know it and make drastic cuts to Social Security. It’s time to let them know that this incredible ideological overreach is not what you voted for.

Update: The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee put out a serious but funny video today on the Medicare issue:


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