McDonnell says only the Senate plan is partisan

Virginia’s Senate Democrats wisely tacked their redistricting map onto the bill for the House Republicans, which left Gov. Bob McDonnell with the choice of accepting both or rejecting both. To his credit, McDonnell rejected both. His critique of the Senate map was exactly right: “First, it is apparent that districts proposed in the Senate plan are not compact, as required in the Constitution of Virginia, and do not properly preserve locality lines and communities of interest. These issues were noted in the Independent Bipartisan Advisory Commission on Redistricting (‘Bipartisan Commission’) report as the most significant concerns of the citizens of Virginia.”

Of course, the same can be said about the Republican House districts. Instead, McDonnell laughingly applauds the House plan for its “bipartisan approach.” By that, he means Democratic delegates went along with a map that is every bit as bad as the Senate map.

Aides to McDonnell said he’d prefer to get separate maps from the House and Senate on the next go around, so the House map could move forward if he continues to have problems with the Senate version. Senate Democrats aren’t likely to be so stupid.

McDonnell should judge both maps by their merits – or lack thereof. As Christian Trejbal wrote  on The RT blog, what he should have done was submit the best map drawn up by his bipartisan redistricting commission as a substitute. That he did not, and that he chose to criticize a Democratic plan while praising an equally flawed Republican plan shows just where he stands in this process.

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