Fiscal calamity or humming along?

Perhaps this gets back to this item about the differences between conservative and liberal brains, but I can’t figure out Jerry Fuhrman’s latest post about Tim Kaine.

First, Fuhrman blames Kaine for the “fiscal calamity” that has befallen Virginia – um, Jerry, perhaps you heard of the global financial meltdown and the national Great Recession, both of which took Virginia on something of an economic rollercoaster ride. Does he really think a Republican governor wouldn’t have faced the same thing? (I know, I know: It’s so complicated.)  But then, just three paragraphs later, he talked about how the General Assembly ignored Kaine’s recommendation for a tax increase, then “watched the Virginia economy continue to hum along.”

OK, Jerry, so which is it: Is Virginia recovering from a fiscal calamity, or did the economy hum right along? It can be one. It can be the other. It can’t be both.

(Hint: The fact that the last budget required something around $6 billion in cuts to bring it into balance might be a clue – maybe that tax increase Kaine was asking for could have helped. Maybe.)

I can’t believe I ever actually asked this guy to write a column for The Roanoke Times.

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