Worst column ever? It’s got my vote

Bryan Stow, a Giants fan, went to the Los Angeles Dodgers’ home opener wearing a Giants uniform. During the game, he texted friends saying he was “scared inside the stadium.”

His fear was warranted. After the game,  two Dodgers’ fan, knocked him down and kicked him repeatedly. He’s in the hospital, in a medically induced coma, part of his skull removed to relieve swelling of his brain.

It’s a horrific story, which John Steigerwald, a columnist in rural Pennsylvania, felt compelled to comment upon. The gist of that comment? “Maybe someone can ask Snow, if he ever comes out of his coma, why he thought it was a good idea to wear Giants’ gear to a Dodgers’ home opener when there was a history of out-of-control drunkenness and arrests at that event going back several years.”


He then goes on to ridicule the 42-year-old Snow for wearing a team jersey at all. “Are there really 40-something men who think that wearing the jersey makes them part of the team?”


Lots of folks on Twitter are calling this the worst column ever. Agreed.

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