Southwest Virginia’s representatives and the Truth-O-Meter

So far, Southwest Virginia’s congressional representatives aren’t exactly covering themselves with glory when their statements are measured on PolitiFact Virginia’s Truth-O-Meter.

PolitiFact Virginia is run by The Richmond Times-Dispatch, a reliably conservative editorial voice. They started putting politicians’ statements to the test last fall.

Here’s a wrap-up of the scores so far:

Rep. Robert Hurt:
Statements graded: 8
Statements rated “True”: 0
Statements rated  “Half-true”: 2
Statements rated “Barely true”: 1
Statements rated “False”: 4
Statements rated “Pants On Fire”: 1

Rep. Morgan Griffith:
Statements graded: 5
Statements rated “True”:  0
Statements rated “Half-true”: 1
Statements rated “Barely true”: 3
Statements rated “False: “1”

Rep. Bob Goodlatte:
Statements graded: 1
Statements rated “True”: 0
Statements rated “Mostly True”: 1

I don’t know why Goodlatte has gotten away with such little scrutiny. I know for a fact that he has been caught in some whoppers.

This isn’t a Republican/Democrat thing, by the way. Former Rep. Tom Perriello, who I have great respect for, didn’t fare a whole lot better under PolitiFact’s scrutiny. Of five statements examined, two were found to be half true and three were false. Former Rep. Rick Boucher had two statements examined; one was half-true and one was barely true.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s PolitiFact file is worth taking a look at, too.

If politicians are going to lie – and they are – it’s good that places like PolitiFact are helping hold them accountable.

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