A sure sign GOP voters have gone around the bend

Look, I understand that the current 2012 Republican presidential field is uninspiring at best and ludicrous at worst, but that’s no justification for this clown to suddenly become a front-runner.

Unfortunately, this may say more about the current Republican electorate than it does about Republican candidates for president.

Trump is a joke, basing his candidacy on his embrace of the most outlandish and thoroughly debunked conspiracy theories out there concerning President Obama’s birthplace.

Either this is all a big practical joke, as some suspect, or Trump is stark, raving mad. When confronted with the clearest independent corroboration that Obama was born in Hawaii – contemporaneous birth announcements in two Honolulu newspapers – Trump suggested Obama’s grandparents put the announcements in so Obama would be considered a U.S. citizen and thus eligible for welfare benefits. Never mind, of course, that as the son of a U.S. citizen, Obama automatically became a citizen upon birth, where ever he was born.

Not that it should be necessary, but FactCheck.org has a complete takedown of the many false claims The Donald has been rehashing as part of his ridiculous campaign.

One day, sensible Republicans will look back on this time and cringe with shame.


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