Defining “nonessential” workers

As sure as some uneducated goofball complains about the “6 inches of global warming” in his driveway every time it snows, some smart ass will suggest that “nonessential” federal workers told to stay home during the looming shutdown should simply be fired. Hey, if they aren’t essential … right?

(Maybe Limbaugh has already made this comment – if not, my bet is on him to make it first this go-around.)

But think about yourself and your own place of work. Think about last year when we got hit with 20 inches of global warming (sigh). Probably only essential workers were told they had to come in – that is, only those workers essential in an emergency to do the bare minimum to keep the company doing what it had to do for the duration of the emergency.

Were you one of those essential workers? If not, think about that when you hear the inevitable remark about “nonessential” federal workers. My bet is that even if you stayed home during the last snowstorm, you probably think your job is pretty essential.

(By the way, Steve Benen had a good post yesterday about how expensive just preparing for the shutdown has been.)

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